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For their Own Good – published in Meanjin Spring Issue

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Writer in Residence for Writers SA September 2018
Inaugural recipient of the Hardcopy First Nations Scholarship May 2018
Five questions to indie author Karen Wyld for IndigenousX, 25 June 2015
Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2014 – Karen Wyld

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Sydney Review of Books
Too Much Lip

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The fascinating life of Aboriginal opera singer Harold Blair 25 March 2019
Saving lives is more important than playing colonial dress-ups 25 January 2019
How an attack on Colebrook House has strengthened its message 14 September 2018
Lib spill may unleash unholy trinity on Indigenous Affairs 27 August 2018
Meanjin debacle: erasing Aboriginal words in order to highlight white women’s  6 June 2018
Indigenous affairs is not click-bait  20 April 2018
What are the SA election candidates’ plan of action for Aboriginal people in transitional housing?   15 March 2018
Productivity Commissioner dispute shows government does not understand the definition of Indigenous people 28 February 2018

Indigenous X 

Debunking: It was hard for convicts, too 5 February 2019
Living in Hope Wins  22 November 2018
Remembering the Black Mist 19 September 2018
Sovereign People, Sovereign Stories: five books by First Nations writers 29 August 2018
Put away your ball, this is not a game 15 August 2018
Wild Women and Rebel Girls  12 July 2018
The Heroes of Gundagai 24 June 2018
If Ancestors Could Vote 13 June 2018
History Mysteries 3 June 2018
Sorry Day – What Still Needs To Be Said 26 May 2018
Aboriginal health services have been around since the 1970s and the sky still hasn’t fallen in  17 April 2018
What kind of morality do they want us to celebrate on That Day? 22 January 2018
Ongoing administrative issues afflict the Indigenous Advancement Strategy  31 August 2017
republished on Independent Australia as Not ‘Closing the Gap’: Nigel Scullion and Indigenous Funding Failure on 13 September 2017

Meanjin Online

Calling out a White Knight 13 September 2018
Calling All Settler Colonialists 15 January 2019


Hear Our Voices, Respect Our Choices: How To Support Close The Gap Day 21 March 2019
A Tribute To…The Worst Indigenous Affairs Minister Since The Last One 29 January 2019

The Ethics Centre

Change the date? Change the nation 25 January 2019

Guardian Australia

Many birds feature in our art and songlines…  29 November 2017

Al Jazeera

Australia’s monumental errors 8 September 2017

Association of Massage Therapist –  Cultural safety by massage therapist. 21 January 2018
Conference reporting
Indigenous Allied Health Australia November 2017
pre-conference article
conference report day 1
conference report day 2
conference wrap up article
Australian Indigenous Doctors Australia – September 2017
pre-conference article 
conference report day 1
conference report day 2
conference wrap-up article
First Peoples Disability Network – May 2017
Preview for Living Our Way Conference
Living Our Way Conference