about me

Red dirt in my veins
Ocean at my feet
Wind in my hair
Stars in my eyes
Stories on my tongue

Who am I?

An Aboriginal woman (Martu) of a certain-age, working as a consultant, freelance writer and author.

What I write

I write web content and opinion pieces to pay the bills, but my interest is in fiction.

My self-published novel, When Rosa Came Home, was short-listed for a South Australian People’s Choice Award in 2015.

The draft manuscript for my next book, Where The Fruit Falls, was short-listed in the 2017 Richell Prize. And this manuscript was accepted into the 2018 Hardcopy program (part 1 & 2), for which I was awarded the inaugural scholarship for First Nations writers.

I’ve completed this manuscript, assisted by Hardcopy and a being selected to participate in Writers SA’s 2018 writer in residence program. And am currently querying literary agents and publishers.

I’m currently working on a couple of manuscripts, which I hope to either find a traditional publisher/s for, or the financial means to self-publish.

One of my current projects is a start up, to publish a book in the lead-up to the Cook 2020 commemorations in Australia. Partly satirical and part fiction, with a sprinkling of historical essays, poetry, illustrations and recipes, the book will be in antithesis of the hype that is bound to occur next year. Have a look at my start up campaign. Backers get the Cook Gets Cooked Commemorative Cookbook – and added perks.

In 2017, I closed my independent bookshop but my online clearance ‘store’ has some great bargains – all below what I paid for them.


Stay awhile, look around, make yourself comfortable.

If you liked what you read, or want to support me to write more content, please do so via the ‘pay now’ button in the right hand sidebar on any page of this blog. On mobile devices – see drop down menu at the top. Thanks!

You can also find me on

twitter @1KarenWyld

Instagram @meanderingwyld

And Patreon

Print copies of When Rosa Came Home available direct from my online store
Postage free (currently waiting on stock)



    1. No need to be jealous, everyone has vision – sometimes you just need to take time out to find/recapture your own. One of the things I appreciate about fellow writers and bloggers is not only their courage to chase thin wisps of vision, but the breadth and individuality of the imagery they create with words.
      I’ve visited your blog, and you too are a word-magician; a spinner of tales.


    1. Hi Lily, thanks and apologies for the delay in replying (I have been on the road a lot lately). I will have a read of your post re what action I am supposed to take now.
      All the best with your blog.


    1. Hello Sandra, fellow weaver and writer. You have just reminded me: I really must get around to posting more photos of my textiles.
      Winter tends to be the time I weave, so I am sure I will have more to show later in the year; if I am not too obsessed with writing.


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