Red dirt in my veins
Ocean at my feet
Wind in my hair
Stars in my eyes
Stories on my tongue

Author and freelance writer living on the coast, south of Adelaide. Currently undertaking a Masters of Creative Arts by Research.

Upcoming books:

  • Short-story in After Australia anthology: speculative fiction project by Diversity Arts and Sweatshop. Affirm Press, June 2020.
  • Novel Where the Fruit Falls: to be published by University WA Publishing in October 2020.
  • Nonfiction children’s book: to be published by Hachette in August 2021.

You can also find me on

twitter @1KarenWyld

Instagram @meanderingwyld

And Patreon


    1. Thanks for the feedback; having had no prior experience with blogs or setting up web-pages, I am surprised how much I learnt in just over a week. WordPress needs to take some of the credit, as it makes the process relatively easy.
      Thanks for visiting.


    1. Its not too late and thanks for coming on board. I am still setting up all my social media accounts and pages, so posting is still a bit irregular. Hope you will enjoy future postings.


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