After Australia

we live on, in story

Anthology by 12 speculative fiction authors
Edited by Michael Mohammed Ahmad
Affirm Press, June 2020

When Rosa Came Home

Self-published novel, December 2013

To be released:

Where the Fruit Falls

University WA Publishing. October 2020

Heroes, Rebels and Innovators

Illustrated children’s book
Hachette. August 2021

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Book plus postage - Australia only


I’ve taken this self-published book out of wider circulation, with plans to rewrite before seeking a publisher.

I have some copies in stock, but am not pleased with the print quality (one of the reasons to temporarily shelve this book).

Unfortunately, I am only able to sell direct to Australian customers at this stage, due to high costs of international postage. Australian customers will generally receive orders within a week.

When Rosa Came Home 

Released in December 2013, this novel was short-listed for a South Australian People’s Choice Award in 2015.

A contemporary carnivalesque fantasy novel, set in an Australia vineyard. Suitable for 11 years old to adult.

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