When Rosa Came Home

Self-published novel. December 2013
Copies can be ordered below (Australia only)

Heroes, Rebels and Innovators

Illustrated children’s book
Hachette. Late 2020

Please Note: Due to Amazon’s new *restrictions on Australian authors, and their shipping costs to Australia, I have ceased using them and their partners for print and e-book versions of When Rosa Came Home. (*Australian authors/publishers are no longer able to order wholesale copies of their own books)

Amazon’s business practices have increasingly become concerning to me, and in many ways they are not a good global citizen. I stand in solidarity of their underpaid employees.

I am investigating other print-on-demand and e-book options. In the meantime, print copies are available direct from this website (Australia only) or through Lulu. While I am not totally satisfied in Lulu Australia’s paper quality (other Lulu presses appear to have better quality materials), they are the only company that will ship both to Australia and internationally at a fair price.

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Unfortunately, I am only able to sell direct to Australian customers at this stage, due to high costs of international postage. Australian customers will generally receive orders within a week.


When Rosa Came Home by Karen Wyld

Released in December 2013, this novel was short-listed for a South Australian People’s Choice Award in 2015.

What is it about? Borrowing elements of literary fantasy, magic realism and vintage storytelling, this contemporary novel is whimsical, allegorical and thought-provoking.

When they open the door for their wayward daughter, Rosa’s parents are not prepared for who else turns up at the Ambrosio family vineyard.

– the spirit of a poet, nurses who crochet magical rugs, a beautiful bearded lady, elephants from the dreamscape, a médecin sans medicine and his dancing python,
a jealous stable-hand, acrobatic pirates of the dark web, a sleeping beauty with a secret or two, and a young girl who longs for a new sister –

Angelita Ambrosio narrates the stories of her secret sister’s time on the road, and yearns for adventures of her own. Amid precious tales, graciously shared by Rosa’s eclectic friends, a fractured family is reunited.

Not everyone is pleased to see Rosa return – peril lurks in dark places.
Fear not: with a sprinkling of cosmic dust, a cloud of sawdust and a touch of magic, a new dawn will bloom – now that Rosa has come home.

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