Shout out to IndigenousX

IndigenousX has set their sights on 1000 patrons on Patreon before the end of 2018. They currently have 928, and 3 more days to hit this target.

Founded by Luke Pearson, IndigenousX is one of Australia’s most trusted First Peoples media platforms.

In the last 7 years, they’ve built a successful platform on twitter. @IndigenousX features a different guest host each week, providing opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and organisations to reach over 43,000 people.

Their business account @IndigenousXLtd has over 31,000 followers, and is used to promote community events and their website – IndigenousX

According to the website:

Our vision was to create a platform for Indigenous people to share their knowledge, opinions and experiences with a wide audience of interested tweeps.

At IndigenousX we actively challenge stereotypes of the Indigenous community. Utilising the opportunities of the emerging digital ecosystem, our hosts become publishers, distributors and creators of news and information.

IndigenousX has raised awareness of countless issues, programs, stories, perspectives and organisations, amongst a myriad of other insights.

I can attest to IndigenousX doing what they claim to do, and feel privileged to be [a IndigenousXer — IndigenousXee — IndigenousXian — IndigenousXite — ] one of their contributors.

In 2014, I put my hand up to host the twitter account. I was very much a newbie at twitter, and looking back I cringe at how much I still had to learn. Since then, I have hosted numerous international and domestic accounts, are/have been admin of a few, and have set up others. I can honestly say that there is no better twitter account to be behind the steering wheel of. And, looking back, I can see how IndigenousX has helped me to confidently establish my own space in the digital ecosystem.

Late 2017, I was asked to write an article for the IndigenousX website. I was having financial issues, as well as dealing with other things life throws at us, so was working as a freelance writer/consultant. In other words, broke and constantly hunting for work. So this offer came at the perfect time.

Since then, I’ve written 12 pieces for IndigenousX. Most of those have been through Luke asking me to write about a particular subject or to pitch something. And, this is another thing that sets IndigenousX apart from other media outlets, they generally pay on the day of publication — not < three months later.

I was also asked to host the @IndigenousX twitter account for a day during NAIDOC week 2018, which had the theme Because Of Her We Can. And to live tweet the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Conference in November 2018 via the @IndigenousXLtd account. An unexpected gig that came at a time I was wondering how I’d pay some pressing bills.

I’ve become a big fan of IndigenousX, and not just because they’ve paid me (and more than a few times at a time when money was very much needed). The ethics and vision behind all of their activities is rarely seen in other media. They are providing a voice to First Peoples,  educating non-Indigenous people, and mentoring new writers/academics. IndigenousX are change-makers, at a time when change is needed.

So, if you can spare a few dollars each month, I urge you to consider becoming a patron of IndigenousX. And make sure you follow them on twitter and read their blog. If you are a business or organisation, then have a chat with Luke about the various fee-for-services that IndigenousX provide.

Here is the list of pieces I’ve had published on IndigenousX:

Living in Hope Wins  22 November 2018

Remembering the Black Mist 19 September 2018

Sovereign People, Sovereign Stories: five books by First Nations writers 29 August 2018

Put away your ball, this is not a game 15 August 2018

Wild Women and Rebel Girls  12 July 2018

The Heroes of Gundagai 24 June 2018

If Ancestors Could Vote 13 June 2018

History Mysteries 3 June 2018

Sorry Day – What Still Needs To Be Said 26 May 2018

Aboriginal health services have been around since the 1970s and the sky still hasn’t fallen in  17 April 2018

What kind of morality do they want us to celebrate on That Day? 22 January 2018

Ongoing administrative issues afflict the Indigenous Advancement Strategy  31 August 2017

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