Writer on Writers

2018 has been my most productive year for writing. As a freelance writer, I have had quite a few opinion pieces, book reviews and short stories published.

And, thanks to being accepted into the ACT Writers Centre Hardcopy program and Writers SA writers in remote residencies, I was able to complete my manuscript Where the Fruit Falls.

This year, I’ve also written a fair bit about other writers. Mostly Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander writers. First Peoples writers and literature is a topic I aim to be writing more about, as there are so many talented writers out there, breaking down barriers and pushing into new genres.

Here are some of the pieces I wrote. I hope they encourage you to discover new writers and books:

In August, I wrote a piece for IndigenousX about the First Nations Australia Writers Network workshop in Canberra, and highlighted newly released books that fitted the workshop theme of Sovereign People: Sovereign Stories.

Also on IndigenousX, in September I wrote about the Black Mist exhibition, which focused on the British testing of nuclear weaponry at Maralinga. I included books for further information. You can read that article on IndigenousX.

In November, again for IndigenousX, I wrote about Living In Hope by the late Frank Byrne, after this book won the Most Underated Book Award.

My first long-form essay was published by Sydney Review of Books in November. Taking Back the Island was a reflection on Melissa Lucashenko’s novel Too Much Lip.

Also in November, I shared four books by women I admire on the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre website, and wrote about why I found those authors inspiring.

Throughout 2018, I did trade book reviews for Books + Publishing, including:

Alison Whittaker’s latest collection of poetry – Blakworks
Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina’s YA novel – Catching Teller Crow  including a Q&A with the authors
Marcia Langton’s travel guide – Welcome to Country
An anthology of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander writers – Growing Up Aboriginal
Nakkiah Lui’s script – Black is the New White (to be published)

I hope you not only enjoy reading these articles I wrote, but getting your hands on some of these deadly books.