Silent Auction of Stories


I can’t believe its nearly four months since I had to shut down my bookshop! Time does fly. Financially, I wasn’t doing too bad post-shop. I finally caught up with overdue mortgage payments, and was able to pay bills (mostly) on time. And I was still living frugally but without the high-level stress every time I answered the phone or opened a letter.

As much fun as working from home (aka in my PJs) has been, the freelancing work has dried up. So I have amped up the job hunting…..right in the middle of financial year end/start. Not great timing.

That (new) pile of bills isn’t going to magically disappear. So its sale time!

Here’s how this will work:

  • Every few days, I’ll do a blog post featuring an item that’s on offer via silent auction.
  • Each item will have a short write-up on its ‘story’. ie where it came from, what it means to me, etc. I’ve always been fascinated in the stories behind belongings, so hopefully I can also tell such tales.

Silent auction:

  • If interested in the item, you can send me your confidential bid via twitter DM (@1KarenWyld) or by using the contact form on this website.
  • Remember to factor in packaging and postage when you are bidding.
  • Once at least one bid has hit the reserve level, I’ll close the auction and contact the highest buyer.
  • Bidding is restricted to people residing in Australia only, due to delivery costs.

If you aren’t interested in owning the item, but you did like its story, then feel free to contribute to more stories. There is a PayPal pay now button in the upper right-hand of this page. Or you can use my PayPal payme account.

Time to go searching for an item, and share its story. Stay tuned!



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