In Good Company

163 I often get invited to participate in blog-hops and author interviews, but I generally let these opportunities slip by. Usually because I feel as if I don’t have time, or have nothing to contribute. Being an introverted, self-effacing author is not conducive to promoting my work. So I have been making more of an effort to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity, and even seek some.

Over the past few weeks I’ve participated in a number of such opportunities, and its been more fun than I expected. And, as an added bonus, I have connected with other writers and learnt more about non-commercial genre writing. Perhaps I’ve also caught the attention of readers, and encouraged people to consider reading my work.

This week-end, I was interviewed by David McDonald, as part of the Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2014 series. I confess, I had not heard of Snapshot previously, even though it has been running since 2005. To be invited to participate alongside emerging and well known writers of speculative fiction was a great opportunity. How could I possible say no? The timeframe was tight, as I was a last-minute addition, plus I was in a sooky-la-la mood (tail end of a minor cold), but I just slipped in before the series finished today. I’m not yet comfortable with interviews, so I tend to waffle on. If you are interested, read my interview here. Take the time to read the other interviews, too. They spread across fifteen reviewers’ blogs, but there will soon be a central link to all of the interviews.

Also this week, I participated in Zoe Brook’s  second Magic Realism blog-hop. Like last year, I had a great time. Although I only got one post done this year, as opposed to the four I did in 2013. In this year’s post, I share my confusion about what is and isn’t magic realism. In fact, I am probably more conflicted than the first time I ever wrote about magic realism, with my sense of surety that it was the voice of peoples that have survived oppression, and still have strong connections to age-old cultures. Some of my co-blog hoppers were just as confused, while others were confident that their work was magic realism. I don’t always agree with the way that magic realism in literature is defined, but its great being involved in group discussions with other writers that have similar tastes, and learning more about genres.

A few weeks ago, I jumped on board the 2014 Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival, which was inspired by NAIDOC Week and Australia Blak History Month. My post, which was prompted by a situation that happened when I was on a recent road-trip through outback Australia, attracted a fair bit of attention. Readers were very open and honest about what they might have done in the same situation. Fear stops us from doing what is probably the ‘right thing’. However, xenophobia has too much of an influence on the way we react to others in need.

Well, that wraps up the recent opportunities to promote my work. I wonder what the next few weeks will bring?