The Adventure Begins


A quick blog post, written from the backseat of my car.

If you’ve read previous posts, you may remember that I had to pull out of a much-anticipated holiday with friends, due to job uncertainty. Well, in the past week, I did lose my job. However, I put out into the universe – if there was a way for me to go, then so be it. And so it was. In a week, I sold enough copies of my novel to cover the petrol costs. This was all due to supportive friends, co-workers and people I have met online. Their generousity has been amazing, and I’m feeling very loved. So, I am now on an adventure.

Day one of my road-trip has been good. A bit of a late start, but made it to Port Augusta just after sunset.

Before heading out, I dropped by my local beach to watch the waves. And hours later, I’m 380kms west, at Port Augusta (South Australia).

Today I travelled through the traditional lands of the Kaurna, Narungga, Ngadjuri and Nukunu peoples. Its NAIDOC Week, so a good time to acknowledge the achievements of Aboriginal people from these regions. And to reflect on the strong cultures that have survived, despite the negative impact of colonisation.

It was too windy tonight to bother with putting up the tent. Instead, I have made a cosy nest on the backseat of my car. Thank goodness I have a roomy car (Dodge Avenger), and not a tiny hatchback. I’m sure my friends are more comfortable in their campervans, but I’m happy in my nest.

Tomorrow we head north. Not sure where we will be tomorrow night, as we are have no concrete plans. Other than our final destination – Uluru, Northern Territory.

And now, its bedtime. A bit earlier than what this little night owl is used to. I wonder if that wind will lull me to sleep?


  1. I’m glad you’re not travelling all alone.
    And I didn’t realise there were so many aboriginal cultures in Australia. We are never taught that in North America. I thought there was only one. So you taught me something today. 🙂


    1. Travelling with others is so much nicer…and safer. I’m in the car on my own during the day, which gives me plenty of space to think about my current manuscript. And have company each night, when we make camp.
      There are over 300 Aboriginal nations in Australia, plus Torres Strait Islanders. I will be travelling through many nations’ country over the next few weeks.
      I’ll share more, from the road.


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