‘Rosa’ in progress

Lights by Micheal
Photography by Michael Regnier

As I am busy editing at the moment (well, in between procrastinating on social media), I am not intending to write a blog post this week.

Instead, I have an extract from the novella When Rosa Came Home. I hope to have this manuscript ready for publishing within the next few weeks.

This unedited scene comes almost at the end of the book. However, I have removed parts that might be ‘spoilers’, just in case my blog readers intend to purchase this novella.

“Free at last, I ran past the lantern-encrusted rows of vines; Katia’s nephews and nieces close behind. Laughing as we raced each other to the moon-lit dam at the centre of the vineyard. I stopped short where the lanterns ceased, for I had caught a glimpse of Salvador hiding under a summer-laden vine. I couldn’t be certain, for whoever it was had quickly merged into the shadows again. I shook my head at this odd behaviour, and continued at a more demure pace along the path.

As the others followed my lead, I thought of Salvador. He had hardly left Mama’s room in the past few weeks, having taken with hiding under the bed whenever anyone entered the room. I missed his company. Those long hours we had sat silently in our bedside vigil, both willing the sleeping beauty to awaken. Now was not the time for pondering the moods of others, though. For tonight was one of celebration: of those long cherished, new friends and Rosa’s return. And of new possibilities, now that I had found my voice.

Once at the dam, we threw rocks at the rotund moon that floated on the water’s surface. A peal of laughter rang out triumphantly every time one of us pierced the moon’s reflection. The game ceased abruptly, as we had all heard a noise behind us. While the other children turned in fright, I smiled. Majestico must have followed the sound of my voice. He stood a few paces away, clearly wanting me to rub his head as usual, but hesitant to move closer. Instead he pawed the ground, unsure of the children that now stood silently, in awe of the stallion. His white coat shone as bright as the night’s moon and, as he moved around nervously, electric sparks danced from his long mane and tail. I walked over to him, and he lowered his head. I rubbed the flat part, between his muzzle and forehead, just as he liked it. As I did this, I whispered a few words and Majestico settled down. With his consent, I led him towards the other children and showed them how to approach him safely. Soon he was trotting by my side, around the dam, while all the children took turns on his back.

Having exhausted his patience, Majestico finally put a stop to the rides and wandered off, most likely to seek the solitude of his stable. After all, it had been a long day for everyone. We then sank into the long grass that grew near the dam, soaking up scarce warmth generated from our closeness to each others. Once comfortably huddled, we shared stories until the smallest drifted off. Then, in hushed voices, my new friends and I shared our deepest secrets. Until we were lured by the sounds of music drifting through the vines. Jumping up, we roused the sleepy-heads, and made our way back to the marquee of stars. Curiosity and a slight night chill driving us back to the company of grown-ups.”

When Rosa Came Home

Genre: Fiction (borrowing elements from fantasy, magic realism and vintage children’s fairytales)
Format: to be  published as e-book and print
Intended Release: December 2013

The bearded-lady, modern-day pirates, magic crocheted rugs, a dancing cat, flying nurses and dead poet. What could all these possibly have in common? Rosa, of course.
When Rosa Comes Home is a whimsical story, full of complete nonsense; that is sure to liberate reality and uncover the wonderment that exists within ordinary lives.

Delighted to discover that she has a secret sister, Angelita de la Ambrosio’s curiosity sets her off on a path of discovering where Rosa has been all these years. She soon realises that not everyone is happy that Rosa has returned. Through the recollections shared by Rosa’s eclectic friends, day by day a shimmer of magic ascends on the house; soothing a disenchanted household.

About the Image:
Image downloaded on 16 June 2013 from http://www.vinography.com
Photography by Michael Regnier (posted by Michael on 21 December 2006)

For further information of Michael Regnier’s work or purchase of prints: http://regnierphotography.com
Image at: http://www.vinography.com/archives/2006/12/vinography_images_vineyard_lig.html


  1. July has come and gone….life is always full of unexpected challenges. New target is December 2013. I have a cover in development, final editing getting done – so it will happen!


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