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With this blog having just passed the 3 month mark, I think its time that I said thanks. So, today I am sending a big ‘thank you‘ to all the people who have visited, and have left a comment of support and/or become a follower. 

Started on a complete whim, after months of saying that I would never ever consider blogging, so far the experience has been a lot of fun. On that same week-end, three months ago, I also entered the realms of Goggle+, Tumblr, Facebook (author page) and a number of other social media accounts. Having tried them out, some of these have now been deleted or are hardly ever used. However, I have stuck to WordPress (for blogging), and see the value of G+, Tumblr and FB for promoting this blog, interacting with other writers/bloggers and learning a few tips along the way.

While I could at this point mention some of the people and sites that I have found useful with my writing (or, a good source of distraction when writing slows), I think the stand-out for me at the moment is Indies Unlimited.  If you haven’t met the folks over at IU, and you are an indie writer (or intend to be), then I encourage you to check them out at http://www.indiesunlimited.com. Once there, you will find a lot of useful hints on navigating with the social media tools that all indies need to be successful, learn some writer tricks-of-the-trade, and laugh at the funny antics of the often slightly unhinged IU contributors. (No offence intended, but all writers get a bit unhinged occasionally; it must be that mad:genius curse of the creative mind).

As I continue to write, with the intention of publishing as an independent author sometime very soon, I will continue to devote time to this blog and other selected social media. Not just to ‘build a platform’ for the purpose of promoting my books (once they are ready), but for a more important reason: to learn from those who have led the way and, eventually, to pass on what I know to those who may follow.

So, thanks for supporting me in this early stage of my writer’s journey. In gratitude, I will strive to provide you with posts of interest, and (eventually) the fruits of my labour: published novellas and novels.

Image: Fireworks over Sydney Harbour, News Year 2012 – Photography by Az Jackson (OzStock Images).
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  1. Thank you Karen. I agree that IU is a fab place. Mostly that is due to Kat and Steve who work tirelessly to make sure that we provide information and support for Indie writers. I’m so glad you found it helpful.


    1. Tireless leaders are important; plus Steve, Kat and Co have oodles of support and info for us newbies. And thank you Yvonne, as I have benefited from your input on IU


    1. What is this bagel you talk about? *quickly searches the inter-webs* Oh, its some sort of hard pastry thing, with a hole in the middle; popular in USA. Doesn’t look very appetising and the salad-filling would fall through the hole. Besides, it won’t go with any outfits I own.
      30th is either pearls or diamonds – I would be happy with either.
      Thanks for the well wishes, Timothy. I hope they let you out soon.


      1. Timothy, if I was in the US I would send you a bagel with cream cheese (is that the customary way to consume them?); and I would consider enclosing a sharpened file but it sounds as if you are content not to make a break for freedom.


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