The Unseen Ocean

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Extract from ‘Where the Fruit Falls’

This is the second extract that I have posted from a work in progress (WIP) called Where the Fruit FallsI have been working on it since early 2012, and I had hoped to have it finished by mid-2013. However, as I choose to first finish and publish When Rosa Came Home, it will take a bit longer to complete than expected. Also, over 70,000 words into the first draft and I have decided to do a large rewrite; the point of view (POV) was not quite right. 

While I tap away at this novel, I will continue to post the occasional extract. Hope you enjoy it.

Opening section of Where the Fruit Falls

An ancient ocean roars under the red dirt. If you are quiet, if you can be still for just a moment, then you might feel a gentle rocking, hear the thundering waves crashing on unseen shores. This vast ocean was there in the beginnings, as it will be in days not yet begun. Massive creatures once tumbled in its depth, jaws chasing tails; until prey became the victors. With budding legs, they crawled up on to land and spawned. These mega-beasts lived alongside the ancestors for many eons. Then, when their bones had turned to dust, other creatures came to walk the earth.

Beasts of many sizes have lived alongside us, playing witness to both extraordinary and commonplace moments throughout time. Together, we have watched mountains being born, oceans recede and whole species return to the earth from whence they had sprung. Compared to all this, these changes that have been sweeping over the country, triggered by the arrival of this new beast, they are nothing but small gusts of wind.

That now unseen ocean isn’t trapped underground, confined to the interior basin. For it is an eternal source of moisture; comprised of the same drops that dinosaurs once drank, the same flow that shaped the land, the same life-saving essence that our great-great-great-grandparents relied on. Its waters can be found in many places. This ocean lives in sun-warmed rock pools, shallow puddles in the dirt, snaking rivers and far away seas; carried there by clouds.

For thirsty wisps of clouds travel far and wide, growing fatter and fatter, until ready to give birth; raining over land and waters, where liquid is quickly absorbed. People have soaked up this ocean too, catching it as it fell from the skies. Little droplets live on within all of us, connecting us to each and every other drop; which are found within the people, plants, animals, land, skies and seas. We are all one, kin to that ancient ocean.

‘Listen and you will hear the waves,’ said the old woman.

She then placed a sun-hardened black hand on a sun-kissed brown cheek. The little girl squinted, trying with all her might to hear this ocean that flowed under her feet. Disappointed, she shook her head. The old lady put her other hand up against the girl’s other cheek, gently cupping her face.

‘Open your mind, listen.’

The girl tried, but the earth’s secret waters still lay hidden to her.

‘Dig your toes into the dirt, feel it’s warmth,’ said the woman.

The girl wiggled her toes, letting them burrow like grubs into the sun-warmed, red sand. It felt good, and she let her body relax; and her mind began to wander. Suddenly she gasped and opened her eyes wide; youthful blue eyes catching ancient brown eyes.

The girl said, ‘I heard it, I heard those waves.’

‘Good, good. Now close your eyes again, let the sight come to you.’

She shut her eyes again, exhaled and dived in.

The words came from far away, ‘First you must learn to swim, girl, before you can soar.’

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. I am now curled up in bed (its 1am here) and about to read your kindle ebooks I downloaded today. The opening pages are often my favourite…and the anticipation.


    1. *blushes* why thank you. I sort of needed that ego-boost right now.
      Other than blogging, I haven’t been writing much due to a dying computer. My hard-drive finally crashed, so I have spent the last week looking through my external drive, USBs etc to see what I still have (and what was lost will soon be forgotten). Thankfully I backed up my Works-in-Progress, and I just treated myself to a new laptop (and signed up to SkyDrive). So its time to finish some novels!
      I’ll post some more extracts soon. I am really pleased you are enjoying the snippets.


      1. I’m so glad you didn’t lose any of the truly iimportant stuff! I’m very slack about backups but I do have my WIPs on thumb drives… well, mostly. I think I’ll do some backing up myself tomorrow!


      2. I thought I was regular with backups, but its amazing how much I didn’t save. Fortunately, with age has come the ability to let go and move on.
        Have a good back-up day tomorrow.


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