Keeping it Simple

I have just returned from another interstate work trip. Now, if you have been following my travelogue, Rooms with a View, you would know that this is the moment that I post my views on where I visited, what I may have learnt and perhaps linked these comments back to my aspirations as a writer. You would have also gathered that I like using imagery in my writing, using photos and other images as a springboard to my post’s written contents.

So what could I say of this image, featuring the ferris wheel that dominates the skyline? Which, by the way, is the spectacular view I had of Brisbane from my balcony of my unexpected complimentary upgrade to a 2-roomed suite at Rydges Southbank. Perhaps my dreams of escaping the hamster wheel, and living off my writing? No, too obvious. Maybe an arcane musing on the wheel of life, karma or even fate? Not in the mood for that tonight. I think I will give symbology a miss this time.

I think this time I will keep it simple. Maybe just a brief endorsement for visiting Brisbane. And I could say so much, especially about the Southbank waterfront region. A truly scenic place to spend some time in; with its ample choice of eateries, entertainment, shops and all-ages recreational facilities.

A stroll through the well-kept tropical gardens is a must. And as you walk, run, cycle or skate along the water-view promenade or walk along the lushly shaded paths, I have one piece of advice. Make sure you don’t talk, sing or whistle as you go. Why you ask? Well, not because you will spoil the experience, it is from a practical place that I dish out this experience based advice. It’s because of the bats. The very many, very large bats that populate the many trees of the Southbank riverfront gardens.

I must confess, I find bats fascinating; always have. And these black Brisbane bats, especially in flight at sunset, are a sight worth waiting for. However, when one of those very large bats turn on the waterworks you are not going to want to have your mouth open. Sure, the health risks are much lower than assumed (thanks Google), but that doesn’t make the yuck factor disappear. The rational side of my mind tells me it was just my hair and top that got sprinkled, but try getting the rest of my mind on board: bat rabies is a scary thought.

So, go quietly, keep your mouth shut, your eyes open and keep it simple; don’t let your imagination get the better of you.

PS Apologies for any spelling or formatting errors. My ailing computer gave up the ghost on my return home today. And blogging via android phone is an interesting experience; one which I hope will not be for too long. Afterall, April is Camp NaNoWriMo and I am many words behind already.