My wibbly-wobbly social media platform

Samoa 125

The beauty of DIY or how I built a Social Media Platform in just 3 weeks.

In the name of building a writer’s platform, in the last three weeks I have been looking at different social media options (SM). This is on top of current SM I use for personal reasons.

The ones I am currently trialing for their potential contribution to my writing goals are:

  • WordPress and Tumblr
  • RSS, Feedburner and Google Reader
  • Google Plus and Yahoo
  • Facebook author page
  • StumbleUpon
  • Mention
  • Gravatar

The worth of some of these is not yet obvious, so a cull may be on the cards very soon. I also aim to set up accounts and/or author pages on: Lulu, Smashwords, Amazon KDP, Goodreads and CreateSpace.

With all the time and energy needed to show my new brood of SM some love, finding the space to actually WRITE is not easy. However, I am sure I will soon find the right balance. No – I am positive I will.
So, this weekend I will finish editing a stalled novella, ready for release on a number of publishing platforms. Oh no! That means I now have to learn about a whole new collective; including a quick lesson in graphic programs (for my covers).

While this old dog is learning new tricks, please send some love my way by pressing like, follow or whatever on the SM of your choice. It will help me to reinforce this wibbly-wobbly house that I am building. For those already supporting my Do-it-yourself efforts (i.e. indie author) – I am sending lots of good thoughts your way right now…..

For links to my many social media accounts, please see the About page on the bar above here or my swan Gravatar in the sidebar.

Photo by Karen Wyld; Savaii Island, Independent Samoa