I’m back….now its time to get writing again

wpid-20130211_200123.jpgApologies for the lack of posts this week; I was on a work trip and didn’t have computer access. However my off-work time was spent on a balcony overlooking water, which encouraged creative thinking.
So now its time to translate thoughts into the written word – which I will share with you over the next few days; before next week’s work trip.

Just had a thought: it looks like this year will be one of frequent work trips, why not use this to my advantage (as a blogger/writer). So I have just started a new section titled ‘Rooms with a View’, where I will post a photo of what I can see from my hotel room/balcony. I will add comments, thoughts or micro-stories to go with these pictures.

This week’s balcony was at West Lakes, Adelaide. Next week its Melbourne.


    1. Thanks for the comment J.H. White. I have since done another trip away (to Melbourne, Australia) and have done two posts already (in post category ‘Rooms with a View’). More to come.
      PS loving your blog!


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