The Rainbow Serpent

Earlier this week I posted a short piece titled ‘Shedding Skin’.  So, for my overseas followers, I thought that a story about the Rainbow Serpent may be of interest.
This is one of many versions of the Rainbow Snake, who is seen as a creator in many Australian Aboriginal song-lines (i.e. Dreaming).
Pre-invasion, there were hundreds of separate Aboriginal nations living in Australia: each with their own distinct languages and cultures.

This video is based on a book by the late Dick Roughsey (book published 1975).   Dick Roughsey was a Lardil man from Queensland.

The narrator is David Gulpilil, a well known Australian actor. He is a Yolngu man from Northern Territory.




I have downloaded this from Youtube. The ‘about’ information, as supplied by the person who posted it on youtube, is as follows:

Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories, Story by Dick Roughsey, Narrration by David Gulpilil, Soundtrack by Andrew Vial

Photographed and edited by Alexander Cochran, Artwork adapted by Stephanie Adams, Book published by Collins, 1975, Film produced by Weston Woods

Buy the book: The Rainbow Serpent. Collins: Sydney. ISBN 0-207-17433-4