I thought I would share an example of my work….fibre weaving:

In 2007 I participated in a WOMAD artist-in-residence program. A number of women (Australian and overseas fibre artists) were selected to work under the guidance of the Tjanpi Weavers, who are renown Aboriginal artists from the Western Desert in the north-east region of Western Australia (near the South Australian border). At that time I was still  learning the craft, so the opportunity to develop skills in fibre sculpturing and weaving, with artists that I admired, was amazing.
Spending over a week together, we created a camp scene out of grass and other fibres.  These works were displayed at WOMDAdelaide 2007. Around the mock camp, there were full-sized people, camp dogs, roos and cooking utensils.
I made this basket to sit by the mock camp fire.  It represents a coolamon (wooden dish) and is full of bush-tucker (a snake, witchetty grubs and bush tomatoes).
There is something special about women sitting together, working together. That is when you hear others’ stories, share laughter, reconnect with the land. It is also a time to let your own stories flow: shared out loud or imprinted into the objects you create in that circle.

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